Monday, February 19, 2007

Love and Data

Data is quantifiable to the nth degree. For us to understand packets of quantified data - we need to organise that which we are given into recognisable patterns. These recognisable patterns of data are regarded as units of information. Information should, therefore, be quantifiable. Quantifiable information can be distilled to a core of vitals, which the information designer can manipulate to transfer all of the initial data to a desired audience, without bombarding the audience with more than the core vitlas.

All information, however, is not quantifiable.

Arguably the most important aspect of efficient communication is qualitative. Emotional. The information derived from emotion can be considdered primal. Connecting to the primal core of an audience is the essence of efficient communication. For the information designer, this is the real challenge.

How does one connect to the primal core?
Not by being clever - but by Being.

(At least, I suspect as much.)

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