Sunday, April 20, 2008

10 suggestions for success - from my friend Feisty Female's blog

1. Do something that you are passionate about. It must be worthy of your time, talent and energy.

2. Take care of those you love - they are your priority.

3. Be accepting of people you encounter and be nice to them - it costs nothing.

4. Be bold, courageous and adventurous - trying and doing new things is good for your spirit.

5. Be decisive and have an opinion - a state of oblivion should not be acceptable.

5. Be forgiving - bitterness eats away and it most definately doesn’t add to your charm.

6. Be optimistic, enthusiastic and cheerful. It impacts those around you.

7. Loyalty and commitment - always a sign of character.

8. Deliver on your promises. In actual fact exceed peoples expectations. Keep in mind that is sucks being disappointed.

9. Don’t be over-critical on everything and everyone around you - it’s purely a questions of perception and you aren’t perfect either.

10. Get moving and make things happen!

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