Sunday, April 20, 2008

bonfire of the vanities

let me see if i can get some reaction out of the 'sphere today. can you think of a plot?
here's a list for you to ponder:

dramatis pesonae:
the hairdresser: Maurice
the pianist/interiors dealer: Miguel (Maurice's life-partner)
the art dealer: Cobis
the clinic's pre-admissions clerk: Jean (Cobis' life partner)
the clinic's liaison officer: Jobe
the printer/writer: Guillermo

3 course dinner
Liza with a "Z" (dvd)
Barbara Streisand CD collection

Cobis & Jean's house with a view of the bay.
fall 2008

1 comment:

  1. i honestly wish i could come up with a plot that is fresh. i am unsure of the type of clinic mentioned, but it takes me to a health oriented clinic.

    i am personally stunned by the numbers of aids-related deaths in africa, and probably can't imagine anything in this part of the century having that could carry more weight.

    i also personally believe that microbicidal research- both rectal and vaginal- is the only fresh voice of optimism on the table.

    now i'm rambling and not making sense. but thanks for the brain teaser my friend. now you see why i only write blog entries and not stories- i'd hardly survive..


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