Thursday, April 17, 2008

the Meme is Andrew Johnston

out here in the blogosphere, we're quick to call a jig a meme. copy it, paste it, tag some peeps and forget about it. sharp! it's a meme...

yeah well no fine. so let's call it a blog-meme.
or meme2.0

but it's not a real meme. remember my post about Mark Twain's meme?
that's the ticket. it's like a brain worm. it gets into your mind and stays – endlessly looping.
its stuck.
its stuck.
its stuck.

Andrew Johnston's requiem is a real meme.

he's been singing in my head since I saw his video on cb's blog.
i've played it for my parents - who've been humming it ever since.
i showed the video to a neighbor. she sings it at work.
i sing/hum the requiem.
i watch Andrew over and over again.
i've posted his video on my facebook profile.
i pray for him every evening at bed time.
i'm blogging about him again!

let him sing some more!!!

Andrew: record and release the track on the web - your magic is changing the world! your voice makes me happy. your song melts frozen hearts. from what i've seen - your song reconnects people to the Divine. sing, Andrew. sing!

to the Brits: vote for him!


awesome! thanks for popping by - now type forth and let fly!