Saturday, March 28, 2009

mobile snapshots

clearing out the cobwebs in my head also means clearing out the cobwebs in daily life :0)
one of the areas that needed some desperate cleaning was my mobile phone's memory card. here are some of the better shots that were liberated from the old dear:

my first night in Taiwan saw me attending a celebration of some sorts. methinks it was a birthday, or something. this is a shot of the principal of my (then new) school and her family. thank Heavens Ben was there as well! Nobody else really spoke any English. 

i snapped this one for my Dad - who's a land surveyor back in SA. at home, he needs a big 4x4 to get to all the places he needs to work - here in Taiwan, a 50cc scooter seems more than adequate!

PoPo (pronounced Puwo-Puwo, not pawpaw) sleeping like a baby - literally!

a note from one of my students' communication books. it always tickles me when i see my name - but nobody tells me what it says... so yeah - any ideas?

for those of you who can read sheet music, this is the tune for "Hansie Slim", believe it or not! 

i love some of these signs' use of English!

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