Sunday, May 24, 2009

another day, another night

and I'm still here *LOL*

my birthday was awesome. not on the same scale as last year, when we took over the hotel-town of Matjiesfontein. this year, I celebrated the day with only one person ;0) and it was fantastic!

after sleeping in with me, Peter went out and got me brunch. we escaped the heat at home (viva A/C) - and slipped out for dinner at a cool restaurant. I don't think I've quite enjoyed a chicken & mushroom penne gratin like that in ages! (and yes, we had cutlery)

the major treat of the night, however, was ICE CREAM!! (dad would be proud) Peter got us (me, really, as he doesn't like sweets) two tubs of H D ;0)
I'm proud to report that there is still a lot left of both tubs *LOL*

have a happy Monday y'all!
and thanks for all the birthday wishes all over web2.0

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