Friday, October 09, 2009

list: time auditing

after reading the post on time auditing for motivation over at the art of living life, i decided to make a list of the transient tasks that sometimes get left behind when i'm in one of my "i don't wanna"-funks. it's shocking to see how easy these tasks really are!

in theory, posting this list should help me remember how do-able they are - and hopefully help me get out of a slow funk more easily:

  • making our bed: 3mins
  • washing the dishes: 3mins (all our food comes in disposable containers)
  • loading the washing machine (sorting the laundry): 5mins
  • hanging up the laundry to dry: 10mins
  • putting away the clean laundry: 15mins
  • walk around the museum-park (exercise): 25mins
  • lesson planning (curriculum provided): 30mins per class
  • driving to my favorite convenience store: 2mins
  • taking out the trash: 4mins (not counting the variable waiting period for the garbage truck)
  • paying the rent (ATM banking): less than 2mins (@ the ATM)
  • walking to the ATM: less than 5 mins
*lol* and for anyone who's ever doubted wondered - this is the song i associate with this exercise:

give me ABBA, give me Madge... it is utterly fagtastic!

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