Monday, January 25, 2010

why i am

Love is the law.
and no, I'm not talking about romance and cozy cuddles, special winks and sweet nothings... i'm talking about the nitty-gritty, push up your sleeves and sweat 'til you bleed kind of love. Loving your neighbor - in it's broadest extent.

i have been through a terrible patch - and I'm not out of the woods yet - but I have again realized the all-importance of Love. in these last few months, i have received compassion, acceptance, support and kindness from all sorts of unexpected places. here in blogland, here in Taiwan and from across the planet. people i never knew had it in them - including people i never knew at all.

through this, i have found that returning love to those around me - not only makes a significant difference in their lives - but it also heals me.

starting from a place of Love, i have made an effort to be there for my students. to reach out to my colleagues. to walk in kindness and compassion with those who cross my path in all sorts of ways. to put the past to rest and find new perspectives all 'round.

it is not always easy - for i am not a perfect being. but i am committed to stay true to Love, and by Grace alone, i am making a difference.

i have often asked myself: "What is my purpose? What is my goal? Why am I here?"
i am glad to say that i've accepted the answer.
Paulo Coelho tweeted it - and my heart resonated:
"Your dream is your mission."

mine has always been: "Love"
that is why i am.


  1. life is all about relationship - who we love and who loves us... it is that simple...

    much love to you!

  2. Amen and thank you!
    Much love to you and FJ too :)


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