Sunday, March 10, 2013

Help me finish my PGCE!

As many of you know, I'm working hard to complete my Postgraduate Certificate in Education this year. Following various jobs, projects and labor - I had managed to save up enough funds to pay for tuition. Woohoo!!! 

But I didn't count on the "additional" expenses (accommodation, insurance, groceries and fuel) - which have now eaten through two thirds of my tuition money. At this rate, I'll be broke and homeless by April. With the PGCE program being such an intensive, one year program of full-time study, getting a "day job" didn't work out. Successfully completing this program leaves little time for sleep, and no time for distractions like romance or employment.

Out of pure desperation, and with a few moments to spare on this Sunday, I've decided to go for the only option left to me: to just ask for help.

Please help.

Contact me through the comment section (moderated) for details, or support my GoFundMe page:

Thank you!

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